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TurnPark Season 2018 “Metamorphosis”


June 8 4.30-7pm

West Stockbridge Historical Society Gala.

June 16, 3 pm

Gene Montez Flores. Landscapes. Opening reception of the exhibition.

June 16, 4 pm

The concert of cellist and award-winning composer Stephen Katz and a multi-instrumentalist and improvisational performer Levi Gershkowitz.

July 1, 12 pm

Uta Bekaia. Inhabitants of the childhood. Opening reception of the exhibition in collaboration with musicians from Mátti Kovler’s Floating Tower.

August 4-5, 11am - 6pm

Phoenicia flea at TurnPark.

Phoenicia Flea is a nomadic market of makers and merchants from the Catskills, Hudson Valley and beyond. Handcrafted food, drink, jewelry, apparel, accessories, apothecary, housewares, furnishings, curated vintage and more.

August 19, 5.30pm

Michael Zaretsky

The six cello suites.

Suites 1-3

August 21, 6pm

Michael Zaretsky

The six cello suites.

Suites 4-6


August 25-26, 12pm and 3pm


Contemporary Dance Performance

GiBa moves / choreographer Gina Bashour


Outdoor Movie Screenings:

June 28, July 26, August 30, September 28

Our favorite American and European movies

Every last Thursday of the month if the weather favors.

Popular Science. Cycle of lectures:

July 7, August 4, September 2

July 7 - The first lecture of the series, “The Jewish Genes”, will be given by Dr. Maxim Frank-Kamenetskii, professor of biomedical engineering at Boston University.



May-November (opening reception on June 16)

Gene Montez Flores. Landscapes 1980-2018.


June-November (opening reception on July 1)

Uta Bekaia. Inhabitants of the childhood



Nikolai Silis. Centaurs



Konstantin Simun. Faces