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Chehalis Hegner & Doug Fitch. FITCH&HEGNER: Wildebeest

August 07, 2021 — October 31, 2021

There is a way to begin with a Wildebeest, always tools from the shop and a laugh that gets you where you think are going with duct tape, silver balls and ostrich eggs, but which is different from the way you were sure of. Chehalis and I and me and Doug - us two - create actions from the camera’s womb on strong legs and find ourselves together in two handfuls of a tiny galaxy, taking up residence in a bucket of pine cones that form the lens for me, himself and her.  As soon as your eye asks why, you know the answer is not far ahead - just a zoom session or two to crop and tweak, when suddenly, whips of piano wire, thread and joy merge to make a moment we commit ourselves to, that, once frozen by light, is coaxed onto paper - and when it feels ripe, hangs from a wall.  

Photo: ©2017. Chehalis Hegner & Doug Fitch.