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Yurtacalypse Winter Session at TurnPark Art Space

December 26, 2020, 2:00pm – 12:00am

Greetings to all!

As the beautiful New England fall transitions into a crisp winter, we invite you to join us virtually or in person on December 26th, at 2pm for Yurtacalypse, a musical journey celebrating inspiration, friendship, and creativity, hosted by Omnitribe Collective and friends and TurnPark Art Space.

Yurtacalypse is a recurring musical event, new and singular with each performance. 

Typically hosted in a yurta—a ceremonial space for like-minded people to gather—Yurtacalypse creates a unique space for improvisation, communication through sound and rhythm, and a healing collectivity, therapeutic for both the performers and the audience. Unusual instruments, spontaneously chosen by the performers enhance the exciting diversity of the event.

This winter, Yurtacalypse will be hosted in the Gate House of TurnPark Art Space, a sculpture park in the heart of the Berkshires which interweaves art and nature, and remains open to visitors year-round.

Yurtacalypse is a festival-like event, spanning several hours as performers transition through different collectives and segments of their improvisation. 

The whole event will be livestreamed on the Yurtacalypse and TurnPark social media pages, allowing those joining us virtually to feel present in the performance space. Those living locally, however, are welcome to stop by to watch and listen in person, while enjoying a holiday walk on the TurnPark grounds. While there will be no seating, visitors can watch the performance through the glass doors of the Gate House and listen to the music through outdoor speakers.

All visitors must be in compliance with all current Covid-19 guidelines.