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Spring Equinox Celebration at TurnPark

March 20, 2021, 4:00pm – 9:00pm

Join us Saturday, March 20th, 4pm to 9pm for the Spring Equinox Celebration at TurnPark! 

At this time, when light and darkness reach their annual equilibrium, we wish to celebrate the warmth and radiance of the sun within each one of us, to greet the approaching Spring. 

The festivities will feature light sculptures and projections by local and Boston creatives Joe Wheaton, Natalie Tyler, Jared Gelormino, Black Lake, Inna Zukovsky Zilber, and Luna Go. Traditional lights and lanterns will also be in abundance. The Omnitribe Collective will return for Spring Yurtacalypse - an improvisational musical event - and play safely behind the Gate House’s glass panels using outdoor speakers to fill the air with their unique mixture of international music.

Blending traditional and contemporary sound, mixing together diverse cultural soundscapes, the Omnitribe Collective creates improvised, healing music - music of the here and now - exploring the coordinates of entropy through rhythm and harmony.

As you enjoy the music, you can keep warm by fire pits and outdoor heaters in our whimsically decorated Brussels Square.

And finally, we are proud to announce the opening of "Jelly," the first Winter Season experimental show in our Garage Gallery (many more to come!). Artwork by Jared Gelormino, curated by Michelle Kaplan. This is a free event. Donations are always welcome! 

The event is 4pm. Keep in mind that sunset time is 7.06pm that day