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CHASM. An evening of immersive dance and sound

August 27, 2022, 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Join us at TurnPark on Saturday, August 27th at 1:30PM for an immersive dance theater and sound event curated by Fern Katz
Featuring two original works:
Head On // choreographed and performed by Sierra Hendrix
Shmita (release) // choreographed by Fern Katz in collaboration with the cast

Tickets: CHASM. An evening of immersive dance and sound

Cast and crew:
Rehearsal Direction/Choreography Assistant... Anna Gichan
Composition and Musical Accompaniment... Mariya Vasileuskaya
Alice Chacon
Sierra Hendrix
Elisa Hernandez
Fern Katz
Leighann Kowalsky
Katie Messina
Photography: Sara Wallach
Shmita (release), explores grief, loneliness, and yearning for interconnection. In the Jewish tradition, every seven years comes shmita (a year of release), where the fields lie fallow, stored foods are redistributed to those in need, the earth rests, restores, and strengthens. But before a time of replenishing can occur comes great loss; this dance was created in the void that loss leaves behind.
After grappling with this grief, this personal loss, lies still the sorrow that comes from a continued degradation of the many lands of this planet. In these times when the world is experiencing water shortages, extinction, and environmental down-spiraling, shmita remains a practice of the utmost importance; not only in recognition of planetary stress, but also as a time for us individuals to reflect, reconcile, and heal. Inspired by the need for deep rest and societal restructuring, this dance imagines a world in which this is possible. In this space, the dancers follow their own paths to find connection with themselves, each other, and the environment. Each dancer must first carve their own map to uncover not only what they truly desire but how to ask for fulfillment. By following their impulses, they uncover what is inside, hidden below the surface, at their centers. The dancers find regeneration and mending of fractured connections through shared energy, emotion, sweat, and spirit. What will grow there?

Fern Katz is a freelance contemporary dancer and choreographer originally from the Berkshires. Her training has spanned from Massachusetts, to New York City, to Europe and Israel. She has had the honor of studying with monumental teachers such as David Zombrano, Ohad Naharin, Judith Sánchez Ruíz, and many others. For three years, she danced in the works of Belarusion choreographer, Olga Rabetskaya and previously danced in the projects of Rebecca Pappas, Sharon Fridman, and many more. She now creates and performs work in many places, including the Berkshires and NYC, from Jacob's Pillow to Triskelion Arts. She will be in residence at Performact in Portugal starting in October 2022. Fern is most curious about the intersection of dance and dramaturgy, and how to transmit raw emotion from the stage to the audience.