TurnPark will be having a sukkah in the park temporarily for
the holiday of Sukkot. If you and your family would like to arrange a meal or
a gathering in the sukkah, please contact info@turnpark.com


A sukkah is a tabernacle that is built for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. The week long holiday commemorates the forty-year long journey the recently freed Jews took through Egypt and a celebration of the harvest. The sukkah or tabernacle is built as a symbol of community and shelter, a place for family and friends to come and enjoy the festivities together. In fact, Sukkot translates literally as “Festival of Tabernacles”.

Sukkot is a joyous holiday that comes with many different traditions, among them to use the sukkah as a place to have meals and even to sleep at night, to remind us what it might have been like for those who wandered through the desert and functions as a symbol for community and support for the people around us.