TurnPark is hosting a Pumpkin Walk
to see the pumpkins carved earlier, during the Pumpkin Carving Workshop


Plan to enjoy a bonfire, hot cider, wine, food and music. 

Dawn D'Aluisio:

The process of installation begins with a space or an idea. The idea comes from the life force, which can be the ethereal or the body and is most often a combination of the two. Most installations come with a lot of physical output.

I have been working on various installations since I can remember. I am a partner of Foreground conservation and Decorative Arts, located in Chatham New York. Architectural painting conservation brings so much of everything I love to do, together. A room, a specific space, historical fabric, painted and usually covered by years of over paint and filth are presented to us and we embark on a journey. Our journey begins with trust in our abilities as conservators and artists to scientifically and aesthetically realize the original artists intention.

The art of a pumpkin walk begins with a desire to create a journey for myself and others. To be excited by a walk in the dark is one goal for this installation. A whole community of people gathering for a walk in the dark is a happening. The individual pumpkins, carved and lit, lead the way to discover mystery, beauty and surprise. I have been creating a pumpkin walk for friends and family on my own property each year for 15 years. I am pleased to have this opportunity to share my love of this installation at Turn Park in west Stockbridge this October. www.foregroundconservation.com