Ben Butler "Scholar's Rock", 2013
Jim Holl "Tippy Tippy Wheel Barrow (Careful, Life is Precarious)", 2013


Turn Park Art Space is pleased to announce the Wooden Forms exhibition. Two temporary, site-specific sculptures will be installed on the territory of the park and an exhibition of related drawings and models will be shown at the Workshop Gallery. This project explores wood as a sculptural material through the practices of two artists.

Drawing on different techniques, scale and personal mythologies, the artists developed their projects in the context of Turn Park’s surroundings of an old quarry in the Berkshires. The artists presented are Ben Butler and Jim Holl.

Wooden Forms brings a contemporary perspective to the understanding and appreciation of Turn Park Art Space’s site, engaging its locations in unusual and creative ways.


Ben Butler Scholar's Rock , 2013

Jim Holl Tippy Tippy Wheel Barrow (Careful, Life is Precarious), 2013
wood, metal structures