SPLASHES – art exhibition by Alex Rostotsky

September 8th-16th

 Alex Rostotsky is a Russian jazz musician, composer, arranger as well as a visual artist of notable originality whose works are housed in museums and private collections in Russia, Europe and Africa.

 As an artist, Alex Rostotsky is curious about the similarities between cultures rather than the differences.  Most recently, Rostotsky has been interested in the varying sounds of African music and how those rhythms and instruments might combine with traditional Russian music. By employing his mastery of musical arrangement, Rostotsky has created a magical blend of two worlds. 

 Alex Rostotsky’s eclectic creativity extends into the visual arts, where he is known for his revolutionary “naïve” style. The TurnPark will host his exhibition, titled “Splashes,” until September 16th.

 In viewing these visual expressions of creativity, one might come to realize that music also has color, depth and line and that these two creative modes need not remain separate: rather, they can coexist and blend together to reveal a holistic picture of a person’s inner world and vision.

 It is also an opportunity to purchase Alex Rostotsky’s emotive artwork, which can add a “pop” of color and positive energy to a home. These works are expressions of diligence, process, and an imagination that has no limit.